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Microbiota Sensing by Mincle-Syk Axis in Dendritic Cells Regulates Interleukin-17
and -22 Production and Promotes Intestinal Barrier Integrity.
Martínez-López M, Iborra S, Conde-Garrosa R, Mastrangelo A, Danne C, Mann ER, Reid DM,
Gaboriau-Routhiau V, Chaparro M, Lorenzo MP, Minnerup L, Saz-Leal P, Slack E,
Kemp B, Gisbert JP, Dzionek A, Robinson MJ, Rupérez FJ, Cerf-Bensussan N,
Brown GD, Bernardo D, LeibundGut-Landmann S, Sancho D.
Immunity. 2019 Jan 21. pii: S1074-7613(18)30568-5. doi:10.1016/j.immuni.2018.12.020. [Epub ahead of print]

The fungal ligand chitin directly binds TLR2 and triggers inflammation dependent on oligomer size. Katharina Fuchs, Yamel Cardona Gloria1, Olaf-Oliver Wolz, Franziska Herster, Lokesh Sharma, Carly A Dillen, Christoph Täumer, Sabine Dickhöfer, Zsofia Bittner, Truong-Minh Dang, Anurag Singh, Daniel Haischer, Maria A Schlöffel, Kirsten J Koymans, Tharmila Sanmuganantham, Milena Krach, Thierry Roger, Didier Le Roy, Nadine A Schilling, Felix Frauhammer, Lloyd S Miller, Thorsten Nürnberger, Salomé LeibundGut-Landmann,
Andrea A Gust, Boris Macek, Martin Frank, Cécile Gouttefangeas, Charles S Dela Cruz, Dominik Hartl, Alexander NR Weber
EMBO Rep. 2018 Dec;19(12). pii: e46065. doi: 10.15252/embr.201846065. Epub 2018 Oct 18.


IL-17 Takes Center Stage in Dermatophytosis. Florian Sparber, Salomé LeibundGut-Landmann. j.jid.2018.03


Common Features of Regulatory T Cell Specialization During Th1 Responses.

Katharina Littringer, Claudia Moresi, Nikolas Rakebrandt, Xiaobei Zhou, Michelle Schorer, Tamas Dolowschiak, Florian Kirchner, Felix Rost, Christian W. Keller, Donal McHugh, Salomé LeibundGut-Landmann, Mark D. Robinson and Nicole Joller. Front. Immunol., 13 June 2018


Langerin+ DCs regulate innate IL-17 production in the oral mucosa during Candida albicans-mediated infection.

Sparber F, Dolowschiak T, Mertens S, Lauener L, Clausen BE, Joller N, Stoitzner P, Tussiwand R, LeibundGut-Landmann S, PLoS Pathog. 2018 May 21


Identification of Candida albicans regulatory genes governing mucosal infection.

Juliane Meir, Elena Hartmann, Marie-Therese Eckstein, Eva Guiducci, Florian Kirchner, Andreas Rosenwald, Salomé LeibundGut-Landmann, J. Christian Pérez.


Modulation of the Fungal-Host Interaction by the Intra-Species Diversity of C. albicans.

Braunsdorf Christina, LeibundGut-Landmann Salomé


Host Responses to Malassezia spp. in the Mammalian Skin

Florian Sparber, Salomé LeibundGut-Landmann


The intraspecies diversity of C. albicans triggers qualitatively and temporally distinct host responses that determine the balance between commensalism and pathogenicity.

Schönherr FA, Sparber F, Kirchner FR, Guiducci E, Trautwein-Weidner K, Gladiator A, Sertour N, Hetzel U, Le GTT, Pavelka N, d'Enfert C, Bougnoux ME, Corti CF, LeibundGut-Landmann S.

Mucosal Immunol. 2017 Sep;10(5):1335-1350. doi: 10.1038/mi.2017.2. Epub 2017 Feb 8. PMID:28176789


The two-component response regulator Skn7 belongs to a network of transcription factors regulating morphogenesis in Candida albicans and independently limits morphogenesis-induced ROS accumulation.

Basso V, Znaidi S, Lagage V, Cabral V, Schoenherr F, LeibundGut-Landmann S, d'Enfert C, Bachellier-Bassi S.

Mol Microbiol. 2017 Oct;106(1):157-182. doi: 10.1111/mmi.13758. Epub 2017 Aug 22.PMID:28752552


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