Analysis of the clinical significance of porcine Kobuvirus, Rota-B and -C viruses (2016 - ongoing)

Virome analysis of six Swiss piglets has for the first time shown that the recently described porcine Kobuvirus (PoKV) is also present in Switzerland. However, since only diarrheic animals were analysed, no conclusion regarding the clinical importance of this virus of the Picornaviridae family was possible. Therefore, 100 porcine faecal samples resulting from the PathoPig project are being analysed for PoKV using a specifically designed real-time RT-PCR. In addition, also Rotaviruses of types B and C, that have only recently shown to be present in Switzerland (in addition to the established Rota-A viruses) will be analysed. Comparison of PCR results from healthy (n=50) and diarrheic (n=50) pigs will shed some light on a possible correlation of these viruses with diarrhoea in piglets.

Cover Illustration: Electronmicrograp of Kobu- and Rotavirus particles