Torque Teno suus virus: Importance and neuro-clinical meaning in pigs (2017 - ongoing)

Torque Teno sus Virus (TTSuV) is frequently shown to be present in faeces and blood of pigs. However, the clinical significance of this relatively «new» virus of the Anellovirus family is still unclear. Studies point for example to a negative influence the presence of TTSuV may have on other viral infections such as PCV-2. Using virome analysis, we found recently a high number of TTSuV genetic material in the brain of a pig with CNS manifestations that showed histological signs of a viral polioencephalitis. Therefore, we want to determine if TTSuV has an etiological role in encephalomyelitis in pigs. Brain material of 50 pigs with and 50 without CNS signs will be tested for the presence of TTSuV using a real-time PCR that will be designed based on our own results from NGS and sequences present on Genbank. In addition, the clinical and post-mortem reports of the pigs will be evaluated and correlated to the PCR results.