Research projects

Investigation of the prevalence of Influenza virus type D in Swiss cattle and swine

Occurrence of Carp Edema Vs (CEV) in Koi in Switzerland

Ocurrence of porcine Tescho-, Saelo- and Enteroviruses in Swiss pigs

EHV-1 NNP/NP PCR: validation of a PCR for the detection and differentiation of non-neuropathogenic and neuropathogenic EHV-1 strains

Tescho-, Sapelo- and Enterovirus PCR: validation of a multiplex RT-PCR for the detection of Tescho-, Sapelo- and Enteroviruses in swine

Establishment of an NGS protocol (PDF, 2688 KB) for veterinary virological diagnostics



Cover Illustration: Electronmicrograph of herpesnucleocapsids