Flow cytometry at the Institute of Virology

A CytoFLEX S is available at the Institute of Virology to internal and external users.


External users will be charged user fees.


New users:

Please read the instructions (PDF, 265 KB) carefully.

Before you can start using the instrument, you are asked to sign the CytoFLEX S FC User Agreement (PDF, 87 KB) and to attend the instruction courses held by Dr. Sintia Winkler (Beckman Coulter), Dr. Christopher Kornfeld and Dr. Catherine Eichwald (Institute of Virology).

Please book the CytoFLEX S through our new booking platform

For further information or help, please contact:

Dr. Catherine Eichwald
Phone: 044 635 87 11

Mr. Bernd Vogt
Phone: 044 635 87 14

Dr. Christopher Kornfeld
Phone: 078 637 85 49



Additional flow cytometry analysers and sorters are accessible via the flow cytometry core facility of University of Zürich at the Irchel campus.



The flow cytometry core facility also offers training for users at different levels.