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Institute of Virology


Members of the Institute of Virology are engaged in research activities in the fields of:
Experimental Virology
Veterinary Virology
Environmental Virology
Diagnostic Research

Viruses are small obligate intracellular parasites that consist of genetic material (RNA or DNA), protein, and sometimes lipids. Virology, the science of viruses, deals with structural and functional aspects of viruses, their relationship with the host, their evolution, and their effect on health and disease. Strategies for antiviral treatment, vaccination and even the use of viruses for therapeutic interventions are also in scope.  

Virology is an interdisciplinary subject and this is reflected in the diverse research activities at the Virology Institute. We investigate basic questions of virus-virus, virus-cell and virus-host interactions up to global aspects of virome and host-transcriptome relationships.

There is a close collaboration between the different research groups at the institute and together we also strive to incorporate our research results into the education of students. By developing new therapeutic measures and diagnostic tools, we also make a direct contribution to animal and human health.

Cover Illustration: Rotavirus particles

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