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Guide to organization, guidelines and range of examinations in diagnostics

The Diagnostic Department of the Virological Institute is a Type C accredited testing laboratory for the diagnosis of viral infections in animals laboratory recognition 2023 (PDF, 139 KB). The laboratory has a high level of expertise on various herpesviruses in different animal species and is the national reference laboratory for bovine alphaherpesvirus type 1 (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis) and suid alphaherpesvirus type 1 (Aujeszky's disease). Furthermore, it offers detection of a broad spectrum of other viral infections in pets, livestock and wildlife.

The field of work of our testing laboratory includes the detection of a broad spectrum of viral infections in pets, livestock and wild animals, either by direct detection of the pathogen or by detection of specific antibodies from the sample material derived from the animal. Molecular biological and immunological methods are used. An overview of the diagnostic services offered can be found in the Vademecum, under Services and on our application form (PDF, 62 KB) (andsupplementary sheet (PDF, 165 KB)). 

The laboratory also participates in national programs for the eradication and surveillance of certain animal diseases and conducts applied research(Diagnostic research). 

As an accredited diagnostic laboratory and national reference laboratory for infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR, BoHV-1) and Aujeszky's disease (AUJ/PRV, SuHV-1), we place the highest demands on the quality of our test results. This is regularly assured by participation in external quality controls in the form of national and international ring tests.

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Diagnostic Center for Farm Animal Health of the Vetsuisse Faculty

Choosing the right diagnostics is often a crucial point in case of livestock problems. The new Diagnostic Center for Farm Animal Health (DZ NTG) of the Vetsuisse Faculty supports practitioners with questions about diagnostics.



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